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Service 12/9/18   Pastor Larry Sydow


Sermon 12/9/18   Prepare for Road Repairs

Service 12/2/18   Pastor Larry Sydow


Sermon 12/2/18  Ready or Not

Service 11/25/18   Thanksgiving Sunday


Sermon 11/25/18   A King We Can Believe In

Service 11/18/18   Pastor Larry Sydow


Sermon 11/18/18   When Will We Ever Learn

Service 11/11/18   Pastor Larry Sydow


Sermon 11/11/18   Little Things Count

Service 11/4/18     All Saints Sunday


Sermon 11/4/18   A Road Less Traveled

Service 10/28/18   Reformation Sunday


Sermon 10/28/18   Meet Martin & Katie

Service 10/21/18   Pastor Larry Sydow


Sermon 10/21/18   Heavenly Employment Opportunities

Service 10/14/18   Pastor Larry Sydow


Sermon 10/14/18   Trust Me

Service 10/7/18   Pastor Larry Sydow


Sermon 10/7/18   The Children of God

Service 9/30/18   Pastor Larry Sydow


Sermon 9/30/18   The Salt of the Earth

Service 9/23/18   Pastor Sarah Moening



Service 9/16/18   Pastor John Orwig



Service 9/9/18   Kids & Council Updates



Service 9/2/18   Pastor John Orwig



Service 8/26/18   Pastor Stephanie Kopsch



Service 8/19/18   Pastor Sarah Moening



Service 8/12/18   Pastor Stephanie Kopsch



Service 8/5/18   Pastor Stephanie Kopsch



Service 7/29/18   Pastor Stephanie Kopsch



Service 7/22/18   Pastor John Orwig



Service 7/15/18   Pastor John Orwig



Service 7/8/18   Pastor Stephanie Kopsch



Service 7/1/18   Pastor Stephanie Kopsch



Service 6/24/18   Pastor Stephanie Kopsch



Service 6/17/18   Pastor Stephanie Kopsch



Service 6/10/18   Pastor Stephanie Kopsch



Service 6/3/18   Pastor Stephanie Kopsch



Service 5/27/18   Pastor John Orwig



Service 5/20/18   Pastor Stephanie Kopsch



Service 5/13/18   Pastor Stephanie Kopsch



Service 5/6/18   Pastor Stephanie Kopsch



Service 4/29/18   Pastor Stephanie Kopsch



Service 4/22/18   Pastor Stephanie Kopsch



Service 4/15/18   Pastor Kent Mueller



Service 4/8/18   Bishop Jim Gonia



Service 4/1/18   Easter 2018





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Unity Service 1/22/17

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